Speech-language Therapy for Vietnam

Communication is the process of being able to understand and to be understood by others.

† A basic human need, as social beings, is to have the ability to communicate with each other.


Trinh Foundation Australia Limited is a voluntary, non-profit organisation, established in Australia.† We are fully independent and do not have any political or religious affiliation.


The Mission of Trinh Foundation Australia is:


® To improve the quality of life of the many Vietnamese children and adults who suffer from communication and swallowing disorders.


® To address this problem by continuing to raise the awareness in Vietnam of Speech-language Therapy as a profession.†


® To provide the knowledge, clinical skills and finance to establish formalised educational courses in Speech-language Therapy in Vietnam.† This will allow the Vietnamese people themselves, to successfully manage communication and swallowing disorders such as those arising from head injury, cleft conditions, hearing impairment, autism, developmental delay and head and neck cancer.



Until September 2010, there were no formal training courses for Speech-language Therapists in Vietnam.† Vietnamís first ever Speech-language Therapy course was completed at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City with a Graduation Ceremony at the University on 21 September 2012.† The second course has recently completed with a Graduation Ceremony in October 2014.† These courses, in the form of a full-time two year Post-graduate Traineeship, have been instigated and financially supported by Trinh Foundation Australia.

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Vietnamese Government INGO Certificate of Registration Number: 10/BNG-H